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BIOplastics building

BIOplastics designs and manufactures products from polymer plastics, (Injection Moulded) for use in the molecular diagnostics (MDX) and molecular biology laboratory field. The products are of superior high-quality, state-of-the-art and offer great added value.

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Looking for specific BIOplastics products, go to our products section, which contains a recently released 'product finder'

Knowledgeable Plastics. Made in The Netherlands

We are not just any plastics manufacturer, but have an intimate knowledge about the (q)PCR process, and the instruments performances, shared and exchanged with our collaborating partner CYCLERtest. Click here to read more

CYCLERtest accreditation

(q)PCR instrument calibration

Looking for a way to calibrate your (q)PCR instrument, please visit our sister company CYCLERtest BV

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