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BIOplastics designs and manufactures products from polymer plastics, (Injection Moulded) for use in the molecular diagnostics (MDx) and molecular biology laboratory field. The products are of superior high-quality, state-of-the-art and offer great added value.

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3rd Generation Mag. DNA Pure processing cartridges

BIOplastics has, based on severe global shortages of Mag. DNA Pure Processing Cartridges, developed an alternative to these processing cartridges. Started in April 2020 as a copy of its original design we concluded with our, over 20 years IM experience, that its IM (Injection Molding) capabilities were pretty dramatic in relation to process parameters and mold life time. In June 2020 we introduced our first modification allowing casting with less extreme parameters. This 2nd generation Cartridge was developed to comply to global ongoing demands. Meanwhile, our engineers designed a new cartridge. This new 3rd generation design combines consistent and reliable, non extreme, casting without compromising product functionality, performance, yield and usage. Furthermore the amount of plastics used was reduced by 15%. Consequently this 3rd generation cartridge is more environmentally friendly with a lower Carbon (CO2) footprint compare to its original version. The 3rd generation cartridge product has been filed for a global patent (patent pending status).

The Process Plates have been verified on the Mag. DNA Pure extraction platform system by ISO 15189 accredited laboratories.

Available from the 4th of July 2020:

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