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Instructions for Shell frame Grid Assemblies

Instruction for assembling and disassembling Tube Strip Mats, parts of Tube Strip Mats and designated 8-Tube Strips in Shell Frame Grids

Four types of grids available:
Roche LightCycler® 480 systems:Shell Frame Grid B17489G (white)
Applied Biosystems FAST cyclers (0.1 ml):Shell Frame Grid AB19805G (yellow)
Applied Biosystems Regular cyclers (0.2 ml):Shell Frame Grid AB17503G (blue)
EU Tube Support Grid:Non Skirted Grid B69304 (green)
Notice that specific cycler grids are required for specific cycler brands and models.
However specific cycler grids assemblies also fit most other brands of cyclers. (See website
E.g. B17489G fits Roche LightCycler® 480 systems and almost any other cycler brand except ABI cyclers.
AB19805G fits all ABI FAST cyclers and almost any other cycler brand except LightCycler® 480 systems
AB17503G fits all ABI regular(non fast) cyclers and almost any other cycler brand except LightCycler® 480 system
B69304 fits all cyclers except LightCycler® 480 systems

Assembly and disassembly using the One step (Dis)-Assembly / Toolkit (#B12345)Tool kit content:

One step assembly using Toolkit (Order# 12345)

One step disassembley using Toolkit (Order# B12345)

Manual Assembly 8-Tube Strip (Mats) to Shell Frame Grids (SFG)

For Manual Assembly the use of a Support Work Rack-S (B69409) with EU Tube Support Grid (B69302) is recommended however not required.
The parts are also included in the Sample Shell Frame Grid. (#SFG123) and the One Step Tool Kit #B12345.

Manual assembly using Support Work Rack-S

Manual assembly without Support Work Rack-S

Manual disassembly without Support Work Rack-S

Flexibility and interchangeability of Shell Frame Grids Assemblies