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Michael T. Hendrikx
CEO BIOplastics BV.

BIOplastics BV
Europe based BIOplastics BV is the innovative high quality injection moulding manufacturer of (q)PCR consumables supplying the molecular (diagnostic) (q)PCR marketplace (MDX). BIOplastics with its sole headquarter and manufacturing facility in Landgraaf, The Netherlands is a member of the privately owned BIOzym Holding group, which is comprised of CYCLERtest BV, GENO-tronics BV, BIOzymTC BV, BPCTi Inc. (USA), Hendrikx Ltd. (China) and CelsiusLabs. BIOplastics offers the most superior range of (q)PCR plastics globally.

BIOplastics BV pursues the vision to design and manufacture plastic consumables in particular for use in MDX and related application fields as well as to supply MDX kit manufacturers.
BIOplastics superior quality and highly reproducible consumables allows ease of use with maximum reproducibility of results.
BIOplastics products are, in addition to being integrated into MDX kits, offered through a worldwide network of selected distributors and resellers.

For USA Contact our subsidiary BPCTi. Inc. Durham NC, USA,
For China Contact our China Sales Office Hendrikx Inc., Shanghai, CN.

If there’s no local distribution partner available in your area, than contact us directly for samples, technical information or orders.