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Manufacture and develop innovated products starting from the end-users perspective, to serve the molecular diagnostics and biotech research industry with superior, state of the art, traceable and high quality products. These products enable not only generating accurate and reproducible results but also allow future developments within the MDX and molecular biology marketplace.

BIOplastics BV Strategic views

The molecular (diagnostics) marketplace is rapidly growing and requires superior, independent and complete supply of (q) PCR disposables. These demands require generation of accurate, consistent, and reproducible results to manage and reduce variations in the (q)PCR process.
BIOzym Holding, the Netherlands, the parent company of BIOplastics and its sister company CYCLERtest, support and commit to these demands and strategically organize all members to develop new products whose end result is to comply with these "manage and reduce variations in the (q)PCR process" demands.
While CYCLERtest supplies independent ISO17025 accredited (q)PCR cycler tools and calibrations for all models and brands of (q)PCR cyclers, BIOplastics manufactures Extreme Uniform q(PCR) disposables, and has been able to reduce to the use of just two products for those who require the lowest variability.

BIOplastics is proud to be categorized as global innovative leader and we are obligated and eager to maintain this position.

Michael T. Hendrikx CEO