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BIOplastics Helpful Smart Solution for your Lab

Interchangeability of products and processes

BIOplastics has assembled a range of products which are fully interchangeable with each other.
A (q)PCR process optimized in one of the BIOplastics strips, tubes or plates can simply be transferred to any other BIOplastics strip, tube or plate. The fact that BIOplastics offers products for ALL BRANDS and models of (q)PCR cyclers enables end-users to “one time only” optimize the (q)PCR process in its, at that moment in time, preferred BIOplastics model. Once optimized you can simply swap to a different BIOplastics format without re-optimizing or re-validating the process, since you are benefiting from our identical and interchangeable model and raw material properties plastics with the same properties. Using the same protocol on a different cycler is easily done by selecting the designated BIOplastics product for that model of cycler.
No need for re-optimizing the whole process since BIOplastics’ plastics characteristics are exactly the same for the whole range of the (q)PCR product line. Thermal performance difference between cyclers, cycler models, and brands can be accurately determined using CYCLERtest calibration service or CYCLERtest DRIFTCON® temperature calibration tools. See also “Normalizing Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for (q)PCR applications” (page 22). Did you optimize your (q)PCR process in tube strips and need more or less capacity? Just start using BIOplastics plates, single tubes or even 384 well plates without the requirement of adjusting your protocol.

Shell Frame Grids

Shell Frame Grids are designed to combine designated BIOplastics (q)PCR vessel formats with an interchangeable and rigid skirt. This smart design enables to reduce the total amount of used plates or strips: to a minimum of 2, regardless the variety of your (q)PCR cycler range.
  • Simply make your selection of low profile (0.1 ml) and/or regular profile 0.2 ml.
  • Select your preferable format e.g. cut-able plate, tear-off strip mat, 8 tube-strips or 8 tube-strip with attached caps.
  • Decide your preference for Ultra Clear, Frosted or White.
Your selected product(s) enable you to perform any (q)PCR on any (q)PCR cycler platform regardless cycler-range and assortment. Outcome: superior accurate, uniform and interchangeability of results and limiting variables in MDX or experiments.

Saving costs on reagents

Low evaporation properties enables (q)PCR in low volumes which greatly reduces reagent costs (up to 60%). BIOplastics does not recommend its products to be used with volumes below 5 µl. White plates and strips do allow significant signal enhancement in qPCR. In some cases the reagent usage can be reduced due to the much higher signals achieved.

One (q)PCR disposable only to fit your cycler assortment

Why continue to use a number of different products to equip your (q)PCR cycler assortment if a “one product does it all” is at your fingertips. The use of BIOplastics’ Shell Frame Grid fit-able products as Tear Off Strip Mat or cut-able Plate are designed for “one product only” strategy which enables you to equip your whole 0.1 ml or 0.2 (q)PCR cycler assortment with one product only.

Reduce the number of products and vendors.

“One product does it all” BIOplastics (q)PCR products are designed to fit the majority of PCR and qPCR cyclers and our latest Shell Frame Grid fitting products even enables reduction of your usual (q)PCR disposables selection to one or two, regardless the cycler platform(s). Benefit buying from one vendor, using one product and one chemistry strategy, and grant your laboratory and its customers superior and consistent results. Related products as filter and pipette tips, micro centrifuge tubes etc. can be added to support your consistent results as well as to focus on a one vendor/superior quality laboratory strategy. We recommend using the dynamic search engine at our website to find the correct product for your application(s), opt for “Shell Frame Grid fitting” products or use our website “current competitor product” to BIOplastics superior products converter. If not sure or too much of a hassle, just contact BIOplastics for the best recommendation suiting your needs.

Eliminate ID# errors by irreversible coding

BIOplastics’ BPLPM technology results in a non removable, uniquely marked and coded product. No writing with markers, no mistakes, no removal of marks, no double identification numbers, just use the unique ID# at the beginning of your process. Link the unique ID to your Lab LIMS system. BPLPM technology is currently used in a selected range of products. BPLPM technology is particular useful for accredited labs and in Pre-diagnostics and Diagnostic settings allowing improvement of procedures and reducing risks of label failures. Custom layouts and customized codes, whether in 1D or 2D can be added on demand. Several options (including your own coding) are available and particularly useful for kit manufacturers, enabling full traceability of products and applications.

Programmable, scannable and readable RFID chip

Chip incorporated (q)PCR strips and plates(RFID)

Molecular Diagnostics requires traceability and BIOplastics already has full trace ability for its products. Designated products are even unique and irreversible ID-ed and coded. For those customers who would like to go beyond, BIOplastics enables the possibility for incorporating a programmable, scan able and readable chip (RFID) in its products. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification refers to a system for automatically identifying objects. The easiest way to understand RFID is to imagine a type of BARCODE which is able to exchange information by radio, and update itself over a period of time. In the coming years we expect lots of innovative applications with RFID. BIOplastics products with an RFID chip might be particular interesting for monitoring and streamlining workflows, diagnostic kits, diagnostic testing, combining instruments and applications or other parameters. Contact BIOplastics for information and options.

Avoid orientation mistakes

BIOplastics strips and plates are not symmetrical; many BIOplastics strips have off-center holes at top and centered holes at the bottom which provides easy orientation. Tubes strips and plates can be clicked in Shell Frame Grids permitting the assembly of your own plate or to perfectly fit your specific instrument. Frosted marking areas enable easy marking of strips. Extra robust strips will not break and enable straight forward positioning of the strips into the cycler. Strip caps are available in extra robust formats and allow easy positioning, opening and closing. Indented optical areas reduce “touching” the optical area while closing.

Reduce CO2 emission, environmentally friendly plastics

We at BIOplastics are, as many people, concerned about the environment in relation to the use of plastics. BIOplastics is often contacted in the assumption to have the solution for biodegradable-degradable plastics as these are also called “bioplastics”. At BIOplastics, we do monitor the development of these biodegradable plastics carefully and are open for incorporating these plastics into our product portfolio. The current technology and the type of applications, typically (q)PCR, does not (yet) allow us the use of biodegradable plastics. However to reduce the unnecessary pollution of our environment, BIOplastics has designed products that are interchangeable and can be use in a different lab application after serving the primary function. Some examples: filtertips and tip racks can be reused as (freezer) storage containers for tubes, plates and strips. You can use the rack to “pipette on ice” etc.. Furthermore the latest Tear Off plate mats and cap mats provide highest efficiency while very costs effective. Products fit able Shell Frame Grids offers superior reproducibility of results and allow using a minimize amount of product.

Standardize and improve reproducibility

BIOplastics manufactures the widest range (q)PCR disposables globally. We offer products for ALL BRANDS of PCR and qPCR cyclers and integrate full interchangeability between these products. (see also “Interchangeability of products and processes”). No need for shopping at different cycler manufacturers or vendors who are typically not the manufacturer. Enjoy the benefits and ease of use of superior quality (q)PCR vessels which all have the same raw material compositions. Combine this with the extreme uniform wall thickness of the products and you actually have standardized and improved the reproducibility of your results by excluding variables in uniformity, material composition and properties.

Reduce cross contamination, color coded screw cap tubes

Unlike other screw cap tube (SCT) manufacturers, BIOplastics manufactures not only natural screw cap tubes but also colored screw cap tubes. Reduce possible cross contamination in your lab by only using color matching tubes and caps. Ultimately one can opt using 1 or 2D irreversible bar-coded products, as e.g. screw cap tubes, our custom coding service or even laser code designated BIOplastics products by yourself.

Low copy detection

BIOplastics customized medical polypropylene blends are designed for low copy DNA, RNA and protein molecule detection through low binding characteristics. Polypropylenes are chemically inert, but still exhibit charged groups, static properties and hydrophobic areas. Different types or blends of polypropylene therefore do differ in binding characteristics and consequently charged groups like DNA, RNA, proteins and ions can bind in low amounts to polypropylene. BIOplastics (q)PCR products as well as pipette tips and micro centrifuge products are developed with a specific blend of PP. The blend is designed to maximize product functionality and application while providing extremely low binding characteristics to DNA, RNA and proteins. Due to these extremely low binding PP properties, products are superior for detecting low copy numbers of DNA, RNA and proteins. This blending enables reagent components such as ions and enzymes to be solely used for the reaction process and prevents sticking to the vessel surface. The binding (sticking) ratio of charged molecules like DNA, RNA and proteins between BIOplastics optimized PP blend and regular PP is typically 1:7 (1 to 7). (See also Anti Static tips PIPETTE TIPS, why, how and when they become favorable, page 17).
Extreme low binding characteristics of BIOplastics’ polypropylene blend

Flat stackable non-nesting plates

All BIOplastics plates are flat when purchased, which allows not only easy removal from a stack but also easy pipetting, positioning and removal from cyclers. Plates are stackable in a way that they do not nest or stick together. This is appreciated by those who do not want to waste time and effort into de-stacking plates as well as those who require liquid handling automation without de-stacking failures. Some plates are cut-able, some are breakable, some have “Tear Off” features, and some are additionally also assigned to fit Shell Frame Grids. Most plates have 12 centered and 12 non-centered holes which provide easy orientation for a plate or parts of a plate if it is cut or torn off. BPLPM technology provides “in product” permanent black markings (A-H, 1-12) as well as uniquely permanently coded plates (Number and/or 1D and/or 2D Laser-mark).

Ease of use

As a manufacturer, BIOplastics’ focus has been to design products with superior primary functionality, and where possible, add ease of use and alternate use into the products. Below are several ease of use ideas.
Non nesting plates, ideal for pipetting and robotic applications

One hand closure of Single Tubes

Single tubes can be easily opened and closed by only using one hand. Single tubes can be placed in a BIOplastics Shell Frame Grid. The grid has functionality as a transport medium to and from cyclers and can be positioned into the cycler. The X - Y format remains the same avoiding requirements of individual tube labeling!

High molecule recovery, by product design

The design of the caps of BIOplastics tubes is different when compared to other supplier’s caps. To prevent any residue settling in the cap, regardless opened or closed, BIOplastics designed all its caps without any grooves, notches or cavity numbers. This design increases the recovery of liquid and its containing molecules. Furthermore, by nature of the design, liquid will automatically “drip down” to the bottom if the lids are in their closed position. Combining the above mentioned design features with BIOplastics polypropylene optimized blend properties, one ends up with maximum product functionality while providing extremely low binding characteristics to DNA, RNA and proteins and so highest molecule recovery.
Easy one hand opening and closing of single tube

Rounded surfaces prevents residues from settling