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Shell Frame Grids and permanent adaptors

Shell Frame Grids and permanent adaptors

BIOplastics manufactures and offers the widest range (q)PCR disposables for ALL BRANDS of PCR and qPCR cyclers. Some plates, strips and tubes are designed for specific cyclers whereas a number of products are smartly designed to allow full interchangeability between products and cyclers.

Shell Frame Grids

One of our latest innovative developments is the Shell Frame Grid. Shell Frame Grids enables the use of “two products only” for all your PCR and qPCR reactions, regardless model and brand of your thermal cycler. Shell Frame Grids can be seen as the skirted version of a plate, however without any tubes. Shell Frame Grids are available in PP disposable format next to a durable and re-useable HPL format. A selected number of cut-able plates, Tear Off 8-Tube Strip Mats, 8-tube strips, 8-tubes strips with attached caps and single tubes, all “Shell Frame Grid compatible”, can be “clicked” into the Shell Frame Grid and enables creating your own format. Depending on your requirements just “click in” the required amount of tube strips, partition of plates or just a whole plate. Any assembly can easily be disassembled, and the same partition can be transfered into a different model Shell Frame Grid. There are three types of grids available. One to fit, but not limited to, Roche LightCycler® 480 systems, One for ABI, Life Technologies® Fast and Bio-Rad® cyclers and one for ABI, Life Technologies® Non fast, Eppendorf® cyclers and any other cycler brands. Shell Frame Grids differ in their optimized rims settings which, enables the fit to specific cycler models.

Your advantage: select the tube/plate format of your preference e.g. Tear Off 8-Tube Strip Mat , tear off required amounts of strips, pipette reagents, decide which thermal cycler you are going to use, e.g. LightCycler® 480 system, “Click in” the Tear Off 8-Tube-Strips in Shell Frame Grid (Roche type) and run your (q)PCR. If you however decide to use your 7500 Fast Cycler instead, “click out’ your samples from the Shell Frame Grid (Roche type) and “click them in” the Shell Frame Grid (ABI fast type) and run you samples in your 7500 Fast cycler. So basically one plate or Tear Off 8-Tube Strip Mat product can be used in all cycler models.
B12345, One step (Dis)-Assembling/Toolkit for Shell Frame Grids

One step (Dis)-Assembling/Toolkit for Shell Frame Grids (SFG)

Although fSFG (fit Shell Frame Grids) products such as tube strips, tear off tube strip mats and plates can be easily placed in Shell Frame Grids, you also may opt for using the One step (Dis)-Assembling / Toolkit for Shell Frame Grids (SFG).
The toolkit includes:
  • Assembly Applicator (Frosted)
  • Disassembly Extractor (Transparent)
  • Support Work Rack-S
  • three different skirted models of Shell Frame Grids:
    • Roche LightCycler® 480 systems: B17489G (White)
    • ABI Fast cyclers & other cyclers (0.1 ml): AB19805G (Yellow)
    • ABI regular cyclers & other cyclers (0.2 ml): AB17503G (Blue)
    • 1 basic non-skirted grid (all cyclers): B69304 (Green).
The user manual can be found on pages 140 through 142.

One step assembly using Toolkit

Instructions for assembling and disassembling Tube Strip Mats, parts of Tube Strip Mats and designated 8-Tube Strips in Shell Frame Grids see page 140.

Shell Frame Grids (disposable)

  • Semi skirted labeled and coded
  • Alphanumeric and pipetting “help lines” laser marked
  • Ideal for all PCR and qPCR applications
  • Fits all thermal cyclers (PCR & qPCR)
  • New color coded options, (colored grids assembled with other colored products)
  • Accepts assembly and disassembly of designated Shell Frame Grid plates, tear off tube strip mats, tube strips and tubes

Durable Shell Frame Grids and EU Adaptors

Instead of the disposable Shell Frame Grids you may opt using a permanent solution by selecting specific, non disposable and durable Shell Frame Grids and EU adaptors, which accepts all type of Shell Frame Grid compatible “click in” disposables. Shell Frame Grids features a “click-in” option whereas EU Adaptors are lacking this feature.
Durable Shell Frame Grids and EU adaptors are robust, stiff, reusable and made of durable HPL.

Shell Frame Grids and EU Adaptors (permanent)

  • Semi or fully skirted labeled and Laser Mark Coded
  • Alphanumeric and pipetting “help lines” laser marked
  • Ideal for all PCR and qPCR applications
  • Fits designated specific Thermal cyclers (PCR & qPCR)
  • Accepts Shell Frame Grid compatible “click in” disposables
  • Can be used for robotic applications

Shell Frame Grid and Adaptor compatible products:

  • Single tubes
  • 8-tube strips
  • 8-tube strips with single attached caps
  • Tear Off 8-Tube Strips Mats
  • Cut-able plates