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(q)PCR Multo Work Racks and Systems

0.2 ml Multo work rack

This bench work rack is made of very robust poly-propylene and can hold qPCR tubes, strips and plates. It holds the micro titer plate format (8 x 12, A to H 1-12) and has 2 additional columns.
The Multo rack therefore holds 14 x 8-tube strips, 112 single tubes or one plate. The extra 16 wells as can be used as “master vial” position when pipetting plates. The Multo rack can be used as a Work, Storage, Freezer or Cryo Storage Rack. Systems are available in 8 colors and are alpha numeric (A-H, 1-12) laser marked and also unique ID-ed. marked and coded.

0.2 ml Multo work rack system

The Multo rack systems contains of a 0.2 ml Multo work rack and a Multo rack box. The Multo rack box is an assembly of a base and a lid. Base and lid have a “Click-In” feature, closes securely and the stackable Multo rack system is used as a work, storage, freezer or cryo storage system. The height of 3 cm (1.2 Inch) enables the Multo system to be used for kit packaging as well as a shipping system for valuable samples.