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Handling Storage Boxes and Inserts, Regular Footprint

BIOplastics storage boxes allow visual examination of the box contents without removing the lid. The boxes are manufactured with durable polypropylene, which does not have the problem of becoming water saturated like cardboard boxes. The autoclavable, unbreakable design provides convenient storage for micro centrifuge tubes and cryo vials. Can also be used as refrigerator or freezer storage rack. (-200°C) Racks and boxes are stackable and offer ultimate flexibility on the laboratory bench.
Dimensions:F Rack:13.2 cm (L) x13.2 cm (W) x4.4 cm (H)
F Box: 14.3 cm (L) x14.3 cm (W) x5.9 cm (H)
Racks are alphanumerically marked and racks and boxes can also be used in cold conditions. (-80°C)