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0.2 ml Multo Work Rack System
Multo Rack in box with lid, holds (q)PCR plates, tubes and strips
Yellow, pack of 8 Racks

The Multo Rack System contains of a 0.2 ml Multo Plate Rack and a Multo Rack Box. The Multo Plate Rack is Laser Mark Coded A-H, 1-12 and can hold 0.1 ml and 0.2 ml tubes, strips and plates (low profile and regular profile). The Multo Rack Box is an assembly of the base and the lid. Base and lid are "click-in" to become the Multo Box. The Multo Rack System is used as work, storage, freezer or cryo storage system. The Multo Rack System accepts any (q)PCR vessel or plate and closes securely. Its limited height of 3 cm (1.2 Inch) enables the Multo Systems to be used for kit packaging as well as a shipping system for valuable samples. Customized laser marking of box and/or plate rack is on demand available.
Article B10445
Colour Yellow
Quantity box of 8
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Laser marked by BIOplastics BPLPM TechnologyAutoclavable
Product properties
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