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DeBox-In (q)PCR Insert 1.5-4x8 Yel
DeBox-In (q)PCR Insert 3x1.5/2.0 ml 2x 0.5 ml & 4 x 8 0.2 ml ,Yellow. Insert without box stackable
Yellow, pack of 5

DeBox-In (q)PCR Insert 1.5-4x8 is a part of the DeBox Systems, a unique system developed by BIOplastics which covers a total of 176 boxes. DeBox family is available in different dimensions and heights whereas and small boxes fit medium boxes and medium boxes fits larger boxes. DeBox-In (q)PCR Insert 1.5-4x8 can hold (q)PCR vessels, 8 strip-tubes and 32 well plates as well as 3 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes and 2 x 0.5 ml tubes. Dimensions: 55 x 81 x 20 mm ( L x W x H ) DeBox-In (q)PCR Insert 1.5-4x8 are, like a puzzle, connectable to each other. So one insert can unlimited be extended to all directions.. In horizontal direction the 9 mm spacing between the wells remains so one can make a platform which fit plates, strips and tubes. Any of DeBox-In inserts format can be connected to each other and DeBox-In inserts are stackable. DeBox-In (q)PCR Insert 1.5-4x8 fits DeBox small footprint (85 x 59 mm ) two DeBox-In (q)PCR Insert 1.5-4x8 fits DeBox medium footprint (135 x 93 mm ) Available in multiple formats and colors which enables one to make a wide variety of platform(s) Optional: Any of the DeBox boxes and DeBox-In unserts can be Custom Laser-marked.
Article B11215
Colour Yellow
Quantity box of 5
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Laser marked by BIOplastics BPLPM TechnologyAutoclavable
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