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0.1 ml 8-tube strip Firm Deck
LP,W,FD, FD SEMI Sk,stacked, Fits HF & REV grids (0.1 ml)
White, Bag of 240 Strips (12 x 20)

Firm Deck Semi Skirted WHITE Fits almost all PCR and qPCR (fast) cycler models which accept low profile products such as ABI/LT/Thermo Fast cyclers, Roche ® , Bio-Rad ®, Eppendorf ® and others. See compatibility list at Designed for PCR and qPCR applications and Liquid Handling Platforms. For highest S/N ratios in qPCR the use of white or frosted products is recommended. Can be used with specific retainers as B9780FD for use in Roche LightCycler ® 480 systems as well as Thermo fast (0.1 ml) systems nad R671FD for liquid handling platforms. Closure can be accomplished with any EU 8-cap strip. For qPCR closure the use of B57801, B79701-1 or Optical Tear Off 8-Cap Strip Mat is recommended. In short Extreme Firm Deck stiff and flat Friendly to Robotic liquid handling systems (retainer) Irreversible embedded laser mark labelled Replaces two component Frame strips All Bioplastics cap and seal formats fit Availability 0.1 ml low profile Semi Skirted With or without laser marked barcode and/or QR coded Any side barcoded up to 2 sites Any side 2D coded up to 5 sites White, frosted natural, and/or laser mark coded Customized laser-marking on request Compatible Platforms and cyclers Fits and can handled in almost all liquid handling platforms if place in BP FD retainer(s) SBS Footprint, SLAS/ANSI compliant if place in BP FD retainer(s) Fits 96 well (q)PCR cyclers as Roche*, Thermo*, Bio-rad, Analytic Jena, Biometra, Eppendorf, Qiagen and others Compatible cycler list at *Specific re-useable retainers for Roche/Thermo Fast Liquid handling & (q)PCR perfect Replaces Frame 2 component strips Highly reproducible results Stackable, no nesting, flat and robust Low CO2 Footprint, recyclable PP Pyrogen, DNa(se) & RNa(se) free
Article B1279FD
Colour White
Quantity box of 240
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Low ProfileWhite ProductSemi SkirtedThin WallO-Type MaterialEvaporation Grade 1DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase & Pyrogen FreeAutoclavableqPCR Grade 2
Product properties
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