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96 x 0.1ml Transformer 8-tube strip
LP,F,SFGC,NON Sk, TRANSFORMER MODEL,cutable,96 wells, Fits Shell Frame Grids (0.1ml)
White, Box of 25 plates (300 strips)

Transformer (tm) Model tube plate, Shell Frame Grid Compatible. Cut-able in any direction as single or multiple 8 strips, 12 strips, 24, 32,48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 96 plate (multiple of 8) and/or 24,36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 plate (multiple of 12) Ideal to be combined with TRANSFORMER (tm)model Cap plates (B57701) Designed for PCR and qPCR applications fits almost all PCR and qPCR cycler models which accept low profile (LP) products, such as ABI/LT, Agilent ®, Bio-Rad ®, Eppendorf ® and others. See compatibility search engine at Plates as a whole or part(s) of it can be "clicked in" BIOplastics Shell Frame Grids. The plate enables high efficiency usage as well as the use of "two product only" strategy. Closure can be accomplished with any type of BIOplastics (q)PCR cap. For qPCR closure the use of B57801, B79701-1 or TRANSFORMER (tm)model Cap plates (B57701) is recommended. **This product is temporarily without lasermarking due to Covid-19 production demand**
Article B59529
Colour White
Quantity box of 25
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Low ProfileFrosted (light)White ProductCutableNon SkirtedShell Frame Grid compatible productThin WallLaser marked by BIOplastics BPLPM TechnologyO-Type MaterialEvaporation Grade 1Extra Low AdhesionDNA, DNase, RNA, RNase & Pyrogen FreeAutoclavable
Product properties
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