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Full Skirted LP SFG Top Lay , rigid
Shell Frame Grid , Non Click ,FULL Sk,96 x 0.1 ml LP, UNIVERSAL,re-useable
Bag of 1 Grid

Full Skirted LP version. Enables to make your own plates with Anytype of BIOplastics products as single tubes, tubes-strips, Tear Strip Mats and cut-able plates. Closure of the positioned tubes is preferably achieved using Optical Tear-off 8-Cap Strip Mat(B57651), EU Optical Wide area 8-Cap Strip (B57801) or Opti-Seal (157300). Re-useable, durable, Robotic friendly and stiff HPL version. Notice this is a Non Click in version whereas the products is positoned On TOP of the Grid Frame
Article B790671X-2
Colour Unknown
Quantity bag of 1
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Low ProfileUltra Clear Transparant ProductFully  SkirtedThin WallO-Type MaterialEvaporation Grade 1Extra Low AdhesionDNA, DNase, RNA, RNase & Pyrogen FreeAutoclavable
Product properties
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