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ArtcodeDescription 1Description 2Description 3
B10380Cryo Storage BoxNatural, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10382Cryo Storage BoxRed, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10383Cryo Storage BoxBlue, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10384Cryo Storage BoxGreen, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10385Cryo Storage BoxYellow, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10386Cryo Storage BoxOrange, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10387Cryo Storage BoxViolet, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10388Cryo Storage BoxAmber, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B10389Cryo Storage BoxWhite, Box of 8 RacksBox only
B104000.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxNatural, 8 boxesBox only
B104020.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxRed, 8 boxesBox only
B104030.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxBlue, 8 boxesBox only
B104040.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxGreen, 8 boxesBox only
B104050.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxYellow, 8 boxesBox only
B104060.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxOrange, 8 boxesBox only
B104070.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxViolet, 8 boxesBox only
B104080.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxAmber, 8 boxesBox only
B104090.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxWhite, 8 boxesBox only
B104120.2 ml Multo Work Rack BoxMixed Colors, 8 boxesBox only